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Hope Returns with a Bossy Mom

Even when her brain is infected with Alzheimer’s plaque, Mom continues to nurture. This time, I’m grateful for a bossy Mom. Continue reading

How to Celebrate a Character’s Life

How can a writer celebrate the end of a trilogy? With a little help from her friends. Continue reading

Hope Thrives at 88

The kindness of a weekend in Denver brings hope that Alzheimer’s does not have to steal from every family. Continue reading

Stage 7 of Alzheimer’s – The Race is Won

What will heaven look like? Will it be so beautiful, we’ll need a couple thousand years to grow used to it? Continue reading

Stage 6 of Alzheimer’s – Back to Childhood

Where can we find confidence within the battery of Alzheimer’s Disease? In the one place it’s always been – God’s heart. Continue reading

Stage 5 of Alzheimer’s – Early Dementia

Even within the early stages of dementia, one fact remains, God will never leave you, never abandon you, never forsake. Continue reading

Stage 4 of Alzheimer’s – Diagnosis

Somewhere in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, there must be a lesson. But finding it and staying in hope is the tricky part. Continue reading

The Unraveling of Reverend G

Intermission for Reverend G

Final Grace for Reverend G


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