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What Alzheimer’s Cannot Do – Part 4

Our lifelong habits stay with us. Not even Alzheimer’s can take them away. Continue reading

What Alzheimer’s Cannot Do – Part 3

Family ties reach beyond the brutality of Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s cannot destroy family ties. Continue reading

CrossRiver Media Author Hunt – Stop # 1

Welcome to Stop # 1 on the CrossRiver Author Hunt After you read my blog post I wrote just for you today, feel free to peruse my site and get to know me a bit, then enter the giveaway at the bottom of the blog post. Join my email list at http://www.RJThesman.net  and answer the … Continue reading

What Alzheimer’s Cannot Do – Part 2

When the memory thief visits your family, remember Alzheimers cannot steal a legacy. Continue reading

What Alzheimer’s Cannot Do – Part 1

Alzheimer’s Disease plays havoc on families and caregivers. We know what it CAN do…but what can it NOT do? Continue reading

Hope in Finding the Story

As I drove up to the multi-storied house, the “Estate Sale” sign reminded me of my mission. Look for something I could use at work – some objects that would bring encouragement to the women I coach: maybe a pot of flowers, some beautiful cards, a trinket I could give away. What I didn’t expect … Continue reading

Hope Creates Lifetime Goals

When an author reaches one of those milestone birthdays, how can she accomplish some lifetime goals? Continue reading

The Unraveling of Reverend G

Intermission for Reverend G

Final Grace for Reverend G

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