A review by Elaine Cooper on AuthorCulture: http://bit.ly/WwTwVr

“I have read ‘The Unraveling of Reverend G’, and I give it 5 stars plus. It has so much insight into the scourge of Alzheimer’s and the loved ones of those affected. It would be well worth your time and effort to acquire a book. Please go to crossrivermedia.com and consider making a purchase of this awesome narrative. It is spellbinding reading.”                                 Sharon Ora Garlock Spiegel, Author

“RJ Thesman expresses herself so well. She writes beautifully.” Keith Johnson, Publisher of Johnson’s County Gazette

“This is a wonderfully sensitive, yet comprehensive, insight into the world of early onset dementia from a very personal view. The author captures important first-person perspective of the frustrations and progressions of this condition, while helping us appreciate and see that the skills and talents of the individual do not just fade and disappear. A heartwarming story of family and love. I highly recommend it!”  Charlene Shibel, Director, Home Health, Hospice, Cancer Resource Center

“RJ Thesman has written a gem of a novel about, of all things, a minister who develops dementia. But I quickly began to care about and root for Reverend G and the way she faces life with courage and humor in spite of her numerous disappointments. I especially loved her psalm-like prayers that are as much a part of her life as breathing – particularly the way she makes her rquest and adds, ‘I can’t stand it, Lord.’ But the thing she was most fearful of losing was her relationship with her heavenly father, and you get the feeling there is not a chance of that. Thesman has created a truly delightful person that I’d like to know.”    JoHannah Reardon, Managing Editor, Christianity Today

“I really like how RJ Thesman weaves God’s messages clearly into the story.” Mary Geisler, Vice President of Finance for a large nonprofit organization

“RJ Thesman does a wonderful job of sharing and weaving in her personal experiences with practical advice. Every person who attended her presentation commented on how much they appreciated her shared experiences and helpful advice. I actually followed several of her tips when meeting with families to offer support for loved ones with dementia.” Grace Gentry, Community Relations Director for a large senior living facility.


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The Unraveling of Reverend G

Intermission for Reverend G

Final Grace for Reverend G

RJ Thesman


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