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Cheering for the Young

Last weekend, I attended graduation receptions for two young women. I have followed these girls through the lives and prayers of their mothers – two of my friends. And when I see these girls on Facebook or at my church, I smile – even though I know they probably don’t realize who I am or … Continue reading

Finding How to Love Mom

During a recent visit to Mom’s assisted living facility, I thought again about the five love languages. In his book, Gary Chapman explains the love languages as: touch, gifts, quality time, acts of service and affirming words. When we know the love languages of those around us, we can better relate to them. As I … Continue reading

Thanks to Mom

Dear Mom, This week, a thank you card will be delivered to you. The card is from me, your daughter – Rebecca. You may wonder why I sent you a thank you card. October is my birthday month, and it’s okay, Mom, that you didn’t remember. Sometimes I, too, can hardly believe another year has … Continue reading

Grieving in Small Steps

Recently, I met a woman whose son died in a tragic car accident. One minute he was alive with plans for a wonderful future. The next minute, he was lying in a coffin. A terrible event with intense grief. For families with loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s, the grief comes in small steps. We … Continue reading

When Jacob Proposed

In “The Unraveling of Reverend G,” readers are introduced to Jacob and Jessie. But what’s the back story on those two? How did they get together, long before Reverend G’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis? “Oh, Mom – what if she says ‘No’?” “Impossible, Jacob. That girl is head-over-heels-and-heart-pounding in love with you. She’s been waiting two years … Continue reading

Roxie’s Challenge

Roxie, the stressed-out activities director at Cove Creek Assisted Living, wonders how to address a challenge in her life. She asks the only person she can really trust, one of her beloved residents – Reverend G. Reverend G was on her third trip around the hallways of Cove Creek, as she walked in her turquoise … Continue reading

Ideas for Christmas Cards

Throughout the years, I have received many beautiful Christmas cards. So…what to do with them after Christmas? Just pitch them while cleaning up all the decorations and torn wrappings? No way. Sometimes I frame cards. One framed card hangs in my office – a reminder to stay in JOY all through the year. Another one … Continue reading

The Unraveling of Reverend G

Intermission for Reverend G


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