Pic 6Once upon a time, my mother bought me a Red Chief Tablet and a fat pencil. Both of these items were supposed to be for school, but I flipped to the first page and wrote a story. Ever since that day, even though I graduated to notebooks, binders and computers – I’ve been writing stories. Some of them were published as nonfiction articles and later – nonfiction books. Some of them I crafted as short stories and later – novels.

But whether I’m working in my office, sitting at a traffic light or observing the intricacies of people – I’m always writing.

Bio: RJ Thesman, author of the Life at Cove Creek Series, specializes in communications. As a professional writer and life coach, she has 3D Rev G coverpublished:

  •    600 articles
  •     5 nonfiction books
  •     3 novels
  •     13 anthologies
  •     5 Chicken Soup books
  •     Columnist for Johnson’s County Gazette
  •     Blogger for Trochia.org

With years of experience, RJ is a respected writer, coach and speaker. As a certified Christian life coach, RJ specializes in Communications and Spiritual Formation. RJ’s professional and personal philosophy revolves around the topic of excellence.

  • As a writer, RJ draws from a lifetime of experience and research.
  • As a coach, RJ helps other wordsmiths move toward their writing dreams.
  • These concepts follow through in her speaking venues as RJ shares the Intermission Rev G Coverbest way to Do It Write.

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