Legacy Writing

Everybody has a story — no matter how long we live or what our lives look like.

What if your words could outlive you and leave a legacy for your family? What if your words could impact the world?

The beauty of Writing Your Legacy is to leave a written history for generations to come. And as you write your legacy, it becomes a powerful message that can inspire, teach and change another person’s journey.

Writing Your Legacy involves a series of workshops taught by RJ Thesman, writing coach, editor and author. Thesman has helped numerous clients write their memoirs and stories, leaving a powerful imprint for family and friends.

The Writing Your Legacy course offers three levels of life story within one workshop:

  • Writing Your Legacy Letters
  • Writing Your Legacy Stories
  • Writing Your Legacy Book

The workshop is presented on the second Wednesday of each month, at 10am Central, via Zoom. For more information or to schedule your workshop, contact Rebecca@RJThesman.net. Check out the attached pdf.