Editing Services

Every writer needs another set of eyes to look over the manuscript. We all make mistakes, and we can all improve. With the help of a professional editor, your manuscript will be ready for publication and more acceptable if you choose to seek an agent or a publisher.writing - notebook and pen

With 800+ articles published and 18 books, I know the importance of Professional Editing. My degree in Education specializes in English and Communications. As a Writing Coach, I edit manuscripts for my clients so they can accomplish their writing goals.

My work is a combination of copyediting and proofreading tools, following the five C’s: Is it clear, correct, concise, comprehensible and consistent?

Some of the areas I address in my editing services include:

  • Basic Formatting
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Verb / Subject Agreement
  • Point of View
  • Sentence Structure

Also included are suggestions for the overall content:

  • Plot Structure
  • Tension / Conflict
  • Character Development
  • Realistic Dialogue
  • Chapter Titles / Subtitles
  • Sentence Clarity
  • Consistency / Style
  • Active vs. Passive Voice

The most effective tool I use is the Track Changes feature on Microsoft Word. This gives me the option of writing comments which helps you understand the edits and/or suggests different words that deliver more power and clarity to your manuscript. I also provide a Comprehensive Summary for the entire editing process.

All my editing services are provided with a timely turnaround and the option for online payment.

Questions? Contact me at: Rebecca@RJThesman.net.

NOTE: I do not work with sexually graphic novels, horror genres or any pornographic materials.


“I contracted with RJ Thesman to polish my nonfiction book and ready it for publication. She cleaned up grammatical errors and suggested word choices for better clarity. I appreciated her helpful comments and the summary she provided. Thesman made my manuscript shine for a reasonable price and she got it out on time. I will definitely use her services again.” Sally U. Smith, Author “Pit Crew: Praying Our Pastors Will Finish the Race” 

“RJ Thesman went above and beyond to deliver quality editing with my book project. Her work is thorough and timely. I wholeheartedly recommend her as an editor to my colleagues and writing friends.” Shanna Groves, Author “Lip Reader” and “Confessions of a Lip-Reading Mom”

“RJ Thesman edits with an eagle eye. Her comments are right-on and very helpful whether she is doing edits or judging contests.” Sally Jadlow, Author “The Late Sooner Series”

“This is my second time working with RJ Thesman. I have learned some of my weak spots and some of my strengths. I don’t feel so much alone in my work. Working with RJ has been worth the cost in just having someone who knows the right questions to ask, the right advice to give and how to be supportive.” Elece Hollis, Author “Mama’s Stories” – to be released 2018

“In 2017, my mother suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, and I stopped writing in my grief. RJ Thesman let me grieve, then four months later she got me back on track. She motivated me to change my project to another that spoke to me during my grief – a devotional book. That takes dedicated coaching. Bravo, Coach!” Amy Bovaird, Author “Mobility Matters,” “Cane Confessions,” “Seeking Solace” – to be released 2018

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