Coaching Services

Why You Need a Writing Coach

Are you stuck between an idea and the first paragraph?Coaching - website - with Jerry L

Have you wondered how to write and publish that book idea you’ve been thinking about?

Do you need an accountability partner to help you complete your finished manuscript?

Take the next steps with the help of a Writing Coach!

I am a certified Life Coach with a specialty in Communications. My mission is to help you move closer to your writing dreams.

Coaching Services include:

  • The Initial Consultation – No cost – in person, via phone or on Skype
  • Brainstorming for Ideas
  • Accountability Partnership
  • Helping You Develop a Writing Plan
  • Working through any Blocks / Obstacles
  • Basic Editing
  • Marketing Tools
  • Final Edits of Your Book at a Discounted Price – available ONLY to my writing clients

Coaching - Omaha 2017


Photo: Individual Coaching at the 2017 Omaha Wordsowers Writing Conference



Testimonial from Author Nancy Kay Grace:

“Frequent roadblocks discouraged me from finishing my manuscript. I was stuck with a partial manuscript and needed motivation and accountability. I didn’t know how to proceed. I became aware of Rebecca’s coaching service at a writer’s conference. After explaining my stuck situation to her, I got the feeling that she could help me.

“Through the Skype coaching calls, Rebecca helped identify the fears and distractions that kept me from writing. She also helped my writing skills by asking questions that sharpened my focus. I became more intentional and motivated from the accountability of discussing my progress, problems, and plan to go forward. Progress occurred steadily from attaining small goals. The coaching was beneficial because it helped me press on to complete the manuscript.”

Author Shanna Groves:

“Rebecca Thesman has coached me in the following areas: writing, spiritual development, and prayer. During crucial growth periods, I credit Rebecca with offering wise instruction and encouragement. While I wrote my first book, Rebecca coached me on honoring God with my words. She took the time to meet with me and counsel me on how to write a Christian novel. We have prayed over a number of life issues, including marriage, parenting, depression, and addiction. I trust Rebecca’s guidance as Spirit-led and -blessed.”

Amy Bovaird:

“I always feel full of possibilities after I coach with RJ Thesman.”

Jennifer Maxwell:

“I am learning to trust my coach with my innermost terrible pain and understand she sees beauty in me. She sees hope. She sees a future. These have bolstered my self-image and make me keep writing. My writing never disappoints her. She wants me to finish the course well. Her affirmation, prayer and listening – golden heart revitalizes these fingers.”

Tammy Watson:

“My experience as Rebecca’s coaching client has been wonderful. She has been an inspiration for me throughout the creation of my company, My Keepsake Garden. She has kept me motivated and accountable. Her knowledge and skill as a Life Coach is truly amazing. In fact, I am now enrolled in the Holistic Healing Academy to become a Life Coach myself, due mainly to my positive experiences with Rebecca.”


For more information about coaching, contact:

NOTE: I reserve the right of refusal to work with any pornographic materials.


3 thoughts on “Coaching Services

  1. I got a lot out of our consultation today. It gave me several areas to focus on. Thank you for being so generous with your time and encouragement. I know I’m going to enjoy working with you!

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