“RJ is a personable speaker and projects herself well. She uses PowerPoint and colorful, attractive handouts to lead the listener through all the points of her presentation. The handouts are complete enough for her audience to take home and keep for later reference.” – LeAnn Campbell, Author Moms Over 50 Devotions to Go.spkg - HACWN

When I prepare for the HACWN conference, I look for Rebecca Thesman’s name on the list of workshops. Rebecca is personable and well-prepared. She presents the material in a concise organized manner. After the workshop, I know exactly what she was talking about. Most importantly, I come away excited to implement some of her good ideas in my own writing life.” – Suzan Klassen

Available Workshops by RJ Thesman:

  • Setting and Reaching Your Writing Goals
  • 6 Words to Avoid
  • The Power of Your Life Story
  • 5 Ways to Engage on Social Media
  • Help! I’m Stuck! – Coaching Tips for Blocked Writers
  • Distracting the Ants – Keynote for Writers
  • Best Practices for Marketing Your Book
  • What to Do When Life Unravels
  • 7 Tips for Caregivers
  • Acceptance vs. Rejection – The Woman at the Well
  • 43 Tips for Increasing Your Blog Traffic
  • Fueling Your Nonfiction with Creativity
  • Writing from the Right Viewpoint
  • Blogging with a Purpose
  • Finding Your Writing Plan
  • The Power of Intercessory Prayer
  • Organizing the Writing Life
  • 13 Lucky Edits
  • Flirting w/ Imagination
  • Harvesting from the Journal
  • 25 Best Writing Tips