She’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but her biggest challenge is the question, “What if I forget God?”

Reverend G Meets the Memory Thief is the compilation of the Reverend G trilogy reveals the story of a minister from the Midwest who struggles with dementia and early–onset Alzheimer’s. Although Reverend G wants to minister to her friends in assisted living, the symptoms of memory loss, paranoia, anger, and fear challenge her faith.

How can Reverend G manage to find hope when she can no longer communicate with her loves ones or even remember the order of the Ten Commandments?

Marketing is NOT a dirty word, but many writers avoid it. For a variety of reasons, writers may refuse to market their work, then fall into self-doubt, self-sabotage, and procrastination. We do not have to give in to the fear of marketing.

In Marketing for Writers: How to Effectively Promote Your Words, learn how to place a more positive spin on the practice of marketing. Open your mind to the possibility that marketing shares your message with readers and impacts lives.

The topic of abortion is more complicated than just a yes or no answer. It involves several lives, multiple choices, and long-term impact. But what if we understood more about the hidden story? What if we could imagine the thoughts of a baby and its mother? What if the love of God carried more weight than the choices made?

To Be Alive: The Hidden Story of Abortion offers a fictional account on this topic that often stirs the emotions of thousands. It is not intended to ever be used as a spiritual or political weapon. It is only one book that suggests a different way to approach abortion by imagining what is happening behind the scenes.

It happens quickly. We’re marching along in life, then one day we wake up being called a ‘senior.’ No one has called us a senior since high school. Somehow, the label does not fit. Day by Day: Hope for Senior Wisdom contains encouragement and hope for senior adults, for those who want to increase in wisdom and live out their final act with intentional purpose. Dedicated to the seniors who live out their faith walk day by hope-filled day.

Single moms do not have hours for devotional time, but still want to spend some quiet time with God. Just for Today: Hope for Single Moms offers a brief meditation, practical tips and hope with the opportunity to journal later. It gives single moms a variety of thoughts that can be read in five minutes or less, then carried throughout the day. Whether being a single mom through death, never married or divorced, Just for Today: Hope for Single Moms offers a brief boost of hope single moms can focus on — for a few minutes — just for today.

When Pastor Tanner has a meltdown, he is forced to take a sabbatical. He works on his issues with a therapist and spends plenty of down time with his cat, Phib, short for Mephibosheth. One morning, Tanner meets a waitress who is working through her own challenges. Together, these two hurting people begin to lean on each other. Tanner eventually returns to part-time ministry, but first has to face an angry elder at church and the grieving parents of the student he lost. The Year of my Redemption is clean romance with a redemption twist.

Life can unravel at any moment. A phone call. An email. A text. How can we find HOPE when tragedy strikes and chaos erupts? When our emotions feel raw and we cannot imagine ever feeling normal again? Finding Hope When Life Unravels shows how to follow three simple action steps, we can move past the negativity and feel more optimistic about tomorrow’s sunrise. The answer lies in a simple song written by an ancient king whose life regularly unraveled. 

They exist in Scripture but are so hidden behind its patriarchal structure, we cannot find their stories. Some of them are given one verse and some, a name. But Scripture is filled with the untold tales of countless invisible women. Journey back in time with The Invisible Women of Genesis to discover these spiritual hidden figures and imagine the stories they might have told.

For bi-vocational writers, finding a productive writing plan is a must. For writers who struggle with procrastination, a personal writing plan eliminates excuses. For writers of any genre, deciding on a writing plan can jump start a flagging creative spirit. Use Finding Your Writing Plan individually or within a critique group for accountability. Then decide on the plan(s) you will use to move toward your writing and publishing dreams.

The Women of Passion Week played an integral role in the final days of Jesus’ life. They WoPW thumbnail supported his ministry and courageously stayed at the cross. They lived out their beliefs by meeting his practical needs and by devoting their lives to his cause. These women were chosen as the first to announce the risen Christ. Who were these brave, amazing women? Step into their narratives and imagine how they might have dealt with the death of their leader, then rejoiced as he returned to them alive.

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Who were the women involved in the first Christmas? We know about Mary, the mother of Jesus, but several other women played pivotal roles leading up to the birth of the Messiah. Step into the narrative of this adventure. The stories these women tell in The Women of Christmas may help you look at the season with fresh eyes. Then consider your own role in one of the most beautiful stories of all time.

What is the easiest type of writing to sell to an editor? The Personal Experience Article. But how can you do it right and what are the best practices to employ? Write and Share Your Story presents proven techniques, best types of hooks and how to write a query that intrigues editors. Take a step closer to publication by following the action steps in Write and Share Your Story. Then submit your personal experience article to an editor who is waiting to hear from you.

Uploading Faith

Have you wondered what faith is all about and wish someone would explain it with easy-to-understand language? Are you confused about the concept of the Trinity? Do you question a God who allows bad things to happen? UPLOADING FAITH: What It Means to Believe presents brief descriptions of faith facts such as God, Church and Prayer. But it also engages in discussion about deeper topics. It encourages your questions and answers you from the realistic viewpoint that living a life of faith is indeed possible.

Abigail is living in a destructive relationship, but her husband is a deacon so no one atnvs-cover church will believe her. How can she set healthy boundaries and is it possible to save her marriage? No Visible Scars is a contemporary novel which tells the truth about domestic abuse in Christian homes and helps abused women realize they are not alone.

Hope ShinesHow can we best respond when life seems hopeless? When life unravels, how do we find hope? Hope Shines offers an encouraging boost with nuggets of hope for weary souls. From blog to book, RJ Thesman continues to share her Hope series with readers living in the chaos of daily life and searching for a glimmer of hope.

You’re a caregiver and already dreading the coming holidays. So muchcover-holiday-tips stress. How can you make Thanksgiving and Christmas easier for your loved one? But how can you survive all the activities and the extra worry of taking care of someone who has forgotten who you are? Holiday Tips for Caregivers gives you practical ideas for surviving the holidays and permission to take care of yourself.

sometimes-they-forgetCaregivers of Alzheimer’s patients grieve through the Long Good-bye while trying to meet the needs of their loved ones. These caregivers need to find daily hope – to know they are not alone in their journey. Sharing the authenticity of the caregivers’ challenges, Sometimes They Forget presents essays and meditations from the viewpoint of a daughter whose mother is disappearing within the shadows of this brutal disease.

The Coaching for Writers Series continues with booklets specifically geared to helpinggoals-print-cover writers accomplish their goals. Whether it’s Setting & Reaching Your Writing Goals or learning about 5 Strategies for Social Media Engagement these books help writers move toward their publishing dreams.5-strategies-for-sm-cover

What would it feel like to be inside the brain of an Alzheimer’s patientrev_g_cover and experience the disease in first person? Reverend G has just been diagnosed. How can she learn contentment when she’s afraid she might forget God? Join with other readers of this best-selling trilogy and discover why they love The Unraveling of Reverend G

intermission-rev-g-coverAs Reverend G continues through the Alzheimer’s journey, she begins to miss some of her words. Her cat, Gabriel, remains a constant companion but another love of her life begins to surface. Through it all, Reverend G wonders if she has lost her connection with God. In Intermission for Reverend G, her worst nightmare seems to be coming true. She no longer hears from God.

Reverend G moves into the final stages of Alzheimer’s yet she manages to find ways torev-g-3-cover bring encouragement and humor to the residents of Cove Creek. Near the end of her battle with this vicious disease, she discovers God’s grace in His promise to never forget her. In Final Grace for Reverend G, the brave little minister remains steadfastly connected to the God who will never let her go.

Anthologies include:

“Chicken Soup for the Soul Guided Journal”

“Abba’s Promise”

“The Benefit Package”

“A Cup of Comfort – Devotional for Mothers”

“A Cup of Comfort – Women of the Bible Devotional”

“God’s Unexpected Blessings”

“Extraordinary Answers to Prayer”

“Finding Quiet in a Noisy World”

“Chicken Soup for the Soul – Count Your Blessings”

“Chicken Soup for the Soul – Tough Times, Tough People”

“Chicken Soup for the Soul – My Resolution”

“Chicken Soup for the Soul – Celebrating Brothers and Sisters”

“Chicken Soup for the Soul – A Book of Miracles”

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