What Alzheimer’s Teaches – Part 5

We’re at the conclusion of our series on the lessons that Alzheimer’s Disease can teach us. A review includes: patience, each day counts, make positive memories and strongholds endure. Finally, we come to Part 5.

Eternity Matters. Number 5

We tend to live so intensely in the present, in our busy lives on earth that we sometimes forget this is only a tiny segment of our existence.

Our spirits will one day step out of the earthly shells we call our bodies and travel to eternity. Alzheimer’s Disease will be a thing of the past. We won’t even have to worry about the bills. Everything we’ve struggled with here on earth will be done – finished – el finito.

The tricky thing is that none of us knows when our particular eternity begins. We think we might have about 70 or 80 years. My mother is 85, and most of my ancestors lived well into their eighties, even nineties.

But who knows? Eternity is only a breath away.

So we need to make sure right now that we know exactly how we stand with God.

This Easter weekend is a perfect time to do that, because Easter deals with life after death – with the importance of eternity and with the longevity of the soul.

This is the weekend to make certain of your eternity. And it’s so simple.

Have you ever ignored God? Probably. We all have. This is called sin. Tell God you’re sorry and ask him to forgive you.

Have you heard of Jesus? He’s God’s son. He came to the earth, lived here for 33 years, then he died on a cross. He did that because he loves you.

Jesus took the punishment we deserve when we ignore God.

Tell God you believe in his son, and you want to begin a relationship with him.


Have you read God’s book, the Bible? It’s an anthology with principles for life. Start with the book of John. If you have a question, email me at: [email protected].

Now you can learn to know Jesus in a personal way, and just in case your eternity starts right now – you’ll go to heaven.

What a great way to celebrate Easter!

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