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When Writers Tweak

Every now and then, writers need to tweak what they are working on or revise one of their tools. Tweaking a manuscript makes it better, more readable, and sometimes — more publishable. Tweaking also gives our creativity a boost, especially if we seem to be in one of those slumps that creatives sometimes experience. Like …

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Hope’s Confession

It felt ugly and sent me into several days of discouragement. A verbal attack — probably not intentional. But to be my authentic self, I must admit it hurt. The words questioned my blogging skills, criticized word count and focus, suggested that another direction would be more effective, violated several of the blogging rules I …

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Creativity Spawns Hope

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity. Partly because I’ve started a new group called Creative Connections. Partly because I learned more about creativity through the books and presentation of Julia Cameron. And partly because I like the topic. After pondering about creativity, I’ve come up with two definitions: Writers understand the whole making-something-out-of-nothing …

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Hope Returns

My hometown recently hosted an author festival. Thirty authors set up their tables, complete with vertical displays, dishes of candy and an assortment of books. After I set up my table, I roamed through the library and visited with the other authors. This library was the modern version of the old Carnegie library where I …

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