Living with True Strength

As a former athlete, I fully admit I still love watching sports. Of course, like most folks — I have my favorite teams. But I tend to cheer most during the college football and basketball seasons and for my team in the NFL.

woman basketball player going up for a dunk, black and white

In fact, I am known as a ‘yeller.’ Not afraid to cheer loudly or voice my opinion when the refs make an obvious mistake.

What is so much fun, though, is watching teams who truly exhibit team spirit. They pass the ball around, rather than individually grandstanding. They cheer for each other and give high fives or a pat on the back to a teammate.

For teams who come from behind to win, they show great heart and energy. They persevere, often pushing their bodies to the limits to earn that coveted ‘W.’ And when it’s my team that wins, I carry that warm satisfaction for several days, watch replays, and yell all over again.

We are also on a spiritual team with the purpose to love others, to do justice, to honor each other, and to show mercy. We develop spiritual disciplines so that our faith muscles grow strong. And we persevere when times are tough—when the opposition brought by our soul’s enemy stands strong against us.

We need Spirit strength. Pure hearts devoted to Christ, and the energy provided by prayer. Even when it feels like we are in a losing battle, we can encourage each other and work together to be a force for God’s kingdom.

The witnesses presented in Hebrews 12 are cheering for us. And Christ himself is praying for us. So we are never alone in this game of life.

Let us then persevere to win our crowns, to gain that eternal ‘W,’ and to make a difference in our world.

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2 thoughts on “Living with True Strength”

  1. Thanks for this timely post, RJ, and for modeling well an apprenticing journey with Jesus. Congrats on Sunday’s win, a classic nail-biter. Well done,Chiefs!

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