3 Secure Options

As we close in on another July 4th holiday, my mind and heart go to the importance of freedom. And with the topic — the options that represent security.

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When security officials train employees for active shooter situations, they present three options:

  • Run: get out of the building and run away — fast.
  • Hide: blockade the door to your room and hide inside.
  • Fight: if you cannot run or hide, be prepared to disarm, injure, or kill the shooter.

Unfortunately, in our scary world, we need to be prepared to use these options. And we need to teach our children as well.

But we can also exercise these three options when life unravels. When we are trying to find a semblance of hope. We need these options as we consider the price of freedom and the cost of losing it.


  • When boundaries are not respected and a workplace grows unhealthy, it is wise to tell those in leadership or report to HR. If nothing is done to remedy the situation — leave.
  • When Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph, the only way he could respect his employer and obey God was to run.
  • If a woman is living in a destructive relationship, 9-1-1 is just a call away. Then she can hurry to a safe place. There is no condemnation for protecting herself and her children.
  • As the Holocaust was nearing its danger point, many Jews and their neighbors ran for safety. Many of our ancestors ran from religious persecution and became citizens of the USA. The early Christians ran from Roman occupation and spread the message of Jesus throughout the world.
  • If you attend a church with misogynistic views about women and spiritual abuse is accepted, run toward a better church.

Running away is not always a cowardly act. Sometimes, the most courageous choice is to run.


  • When Elijah was exhausted and afraid, he hid in a cave. God empathized and sent ravens to feed him. God understands and still meets our needs, even when we are hiding. Even when we try to hide from God.
  • When exhausted ministers need a break, they take Sabbaticals. They hide from the many needs so they can recover and return refreshed. Susanna Wesley, mother of John and Charles Wesley, had 19 children. She often hid in a closet to pray. And to recoup from being the mother of 19 kids.
  • When writers face a block or feel exhausted from multiple marketing events, they hide away and retreat into a creative cocoon. This time away often results in greater wordsmithing.
  • When the 36-hour-day overwhelms a caregiver, he calls a friend to sit with his loved one and hides inside a theatre to watch a movie.

Sometimes the healthiest option is to hide for a while and let healing happen.


  • When the enemy of our souls attacks with fear, we fight with the sword of the Spirit. We repeat our personal trust verses — out loud. The enemy hears our courageous statements and slinks away.
  • When we are charged unfairly for a bill, we call customer service. We continue to fight until our questions are answered and the situation resolved.
  • When Hitler was becoming a narcissistic force, the Allies worked together to fight against his evil regime. The courage of service men and women throughout history has helped to keep us free.
  • When we see someone being abused — whether it’s a woman, a person of a different color, or a child — we report it to the proper authorities. We speak up against injustice. Think Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and Carolyn Custis James. Those who truly care, fight for the marginalized.
  • When Jesus experienced injustice, he often took action and fought back. Sometimes he spoke up. Sometimes he pitched tables across the temple foyer.
  • When we discern the levels of political discourse that point toward the loss of freedom, we fight back at the ballot box. And we refuse to believe the lies that veil control and a need for personal power by those who thirst to become demagogues.

Confrontation feels uncomfortable, yet sometimes it is the only way to make our point and speak our truth. Check out this article. Silence is not Spiritual.

Three options move us forward because in each scenario, the situation deserves some type of action. Run. Hide. Fight.

These are our options for security. Choose wisely.

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Image: Geralt / Pixabay

When we trust God, we often find the extra courage needed to fight against injustice. Check out the different definitions of trust in It’s All About Trust: How to Grow Our Trust in God.

4 thoughts on “3 Secure Options”

  1. I read this as a pep talk because my spirit is discouraged. I knew this election year would be rugged and disruptive and my focus is to still carry the tension and peace simultaneously. This week the temptation to shut out reality is attractive. So thank you for your encouragement to go forward. Selah

    1. I understand the discouragement and am fighting it myself. We can only keep trusting God and doing our best to secure freedom. And we have to remember that our real goal is to love God and love others. Hopefully, we can keep other distractions at bay.

  2. Human cultures are interesting. I once worked as an education consultant to two Southwest America Indian tribes. I learned the two tribes were matriarchies. Those serving on school boards were men, mostly in deference to American tradition. Women were really in charge of the sociological structure of the community. That too caused many problems. Only when men and women can see themselves as two equal parts of one humanity will the need to run, hide or fight not be necessary.

    1. Agreed. When I worked with international students, I found out how many cultures around the world are matriarchies and have found a way to work together in peace with their brothers. Hopefully, we can someday find our way toward the same goal.

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