Ideas for Christmas Cards

christmas_cards_stilllifeThroughout the years, I have received many beautiful Christmas cards. So…what to do with them after Christmas? Just pitch them while cleaning up all the decorations and torn wrappings? No way.

Sometimes I frame cards. One framed card hangs in my office – a reminder to stay in JOY all through the year. Another one I plan to frame has the words of Philippians 4:8 written inside icicles.

Years ago, I received a card with a fold-out nativity scene. When my son was young, we looked at this card each year and reviewed the story. It stayed open throughout the season, next to our own nativity scene.

Another card is particularly bright with its “NOEL” message in sparkly glitter and a deep red fill. Every Christmas, I set this card on the mantel. My little pearl lights help the glitter sparkle even more – a focal point for the fireplace.

But my favorite way to use Christmas cards begins after December 25th. I set the basket of cards on my kitchen table, next to my Bible.

Every morning when I meet with God, I choose one of the cards and read again the message written inside. Then I pray for the person who sent the card. Sometimes I email that person and say, “I prayed for you today,” hoping to send encouragement through cyberspace.

For me, praying through the cards helps Christmas last a little longer and reminds me of all the friends and loved ones that sent a holiday message. I also hope that their Christmas season lasts a bit longer for the blessing of the prayers I whisper on their behalf.

Maybe this year, you’d like to try it, too. It’s a great reminder that Christmas is about more than just decorations and presents. It’s really about love.

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  1. Absolutely! Prayer is always so important. I send out fewer cards each year, but still enjoy getting them from friends and family. Next year, I may just do a blog post and pray for all my followers – like you !

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