The Writer’s Good Luck Charm

Many writers have a special good luck charm that they keep in their offices or wear on their persons – anything to remind themselves to sit down and be a writer.

One greeting card writer wraps a winter scarf around his neck – even in the middle of July – to remind himself of the season he’s writing about.

Another writer has a special purple gel pen to use for book signings.

Some writers use specific chairs or make sure their desks face the rising sun. Most writers pepper their writing spaces with inspirational pictures or sayings, maybe even their special Bible verses.

During the cold, dark winters – I struggle with SAD – seasonal affective disorder. The grey skies of Kansas leak icy drizzle and once I am chilled, my bones don’t warm up until the spring thaw. I enjoy the first snow, but after that – I am ready to plant flowers and sit on a sun-warmed deck.

My creativity also suffers in the winter months, so I need my special good luck charm – especially during the months of January and February.

Mine is not a scarf nor a specific pen, but a ratty old coat that I bought about 25 years ago. It’s a dark purple color and fuzzy warm chenille-like nubs used to cover it. Many of those nubs wore off, but the coat still provides comfort. Since my office tends to be on the chilly side – that’s what happens in old houses – I need the coat not only for warmth but also to spur on the creative side of me.

With my coat on, I am Reverend G walking through the hallways of Cove Creek Assisted Living, sharing hope and encouragement with Bert, Roxie and Edith.

Underneath the frayed lining of my coat, I am a blogger who shares my heart, hoping that someone will find my words informative, encouraging and worth sharing with others.

With my old coat wrapped around me, I write a column for single moms and share my experiences with other single women who need just one word of hope.

writing in coatMy coat looks odd (see photo), and I never wear it in public (except one day when I absolutely had to make a dark chocolate run to Target). I forgot about the coat until I stood in line and noticed people staring at me. Poor thing, they probably thought, she only has that old coat to keep her warm in her old age.

Several times, I’ve wondered if I should give the coat away…but then, why? Nobody else would want it, while I find comfort wrapped in my personal good luck charm.

So I’ll keep wearing it, and I’ll keep typing out words, hoping that my creative juices will result in something good.

Wish me luck!

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