Finding Hope at Lowe’s Garden Center

As I checked another day off my planner, I knew I needed to escape from the office and find something to refresh my spirit.

Ice cream? Nah – not on the healthy eating plan. Chai tea? Nope – too late in the day for caffeine.

So I drove to the one place where I knew I might find something creatively beautiful – something to bring cheer and renewed hope.

Especially during this season of spring, I find enjoyment just walking through aisles of flowers at the Lowe’s Garden Center. Salmon pink lilies, Indian blanket daisies that remind me of New Mexico, mounds of lavender and dark purple clematis – all of these and more give me pause and help me focus on what is truly @ Lowes

The color of life blends in with God’s texture of hope. I constantly marvel at the way he so carefully details each stamen, draws tiny faces on pansies and outlines a yellow marigold with a bright orange border.

It is difficult to just walk through the aisles as an observer and not choose something to plant in my own garden, yet I need to watch my budget. On this day, I tried – really I did – for about two minutes. Then I could not ignore that bright coreopsis any longer and also found a sweet zinnia that raised its lovely head and whispered, “Plant me.”

Two purchases that I quickly planted in my yard, mounded the fresh mulch around their roots and prayed a blessing over them. These plants will give me pleasure throughout the summer and autumn months and one of them, the perennial coreopsis, will return next year to greet me when the snows of 2014 melt.

A trip to the garden center may seem like just a bit of retail therapy, but it so much more. For within those aisles of color, texture and beauty – I find not only pretty flowers but I am reminded of Who makes it all possible.

It’s more than just a planting. It’s a reason to worship.

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