Keeping Mom Busy

One of the rites of passage as teenagers was to choose activities that we enjoyed and find the ones that strengthened our natural giftings. Some of these activities led us to pursue life-long interests and even helped us choose college majors and careers.

What I didn’t realize until I became a parent was the importance of activities to keep kids involved and out of trouble. It’s important to keep our children busy while still allowing them some time to rest and play.Bingo

Now, I see the importance of activities for my elderly mother. The activities’ director (Terry) at Mom’s assisted living facility is always busy coordinating fun things for the residents. Most of these activities are not only enjoyable but also a bit mentally challenging – which is a good thing when you’re trying to stave off the effects of Alzheimer’s.

During the Christmas season, Mom and her friends ride the shuttle to see the lights and watch the local pageant. In the summer, they board the shuttle to attend Cowboy Church where they sing Country Western hymns and listen to the pastor talk about freedom in Jesus – with his appropriate Wrangler jeans and silver belt buckle.

Back at the facility, Mom plays cards every day, sometimes three times a day. Usually Uno or Skipbo. I don’t think they keep score, because who cares?

Once a week, they gather for Bingo which reminds me of Roxie, the activities director for Reverend G, who calls out the numbers so that Chris, Bert or Reverend G can win. You can read about Reverend G in the latest book of the Life at Cove Creek Series.

Mom often wins a Snickers bar or sometimes a little posey for her apartment. Then she gives it away and forgets that she won a prize. But she’s happy giving something, so that’s what counts.

Other activities include a Bible study called Devotions with Doughnuts, weekly salon appointments and there’s always the walk around the pond or watching the fish swim in the aquarium.

We’re glad Mom is so busy enjoying these activities, but it’s becoming more difficult for my siblings and I to visit her. We have to schedule our visits between Bingo, doughnuts and the ever-present Uno game.

I’m glad Mom is busy. It keeps her out of trouble.

©2014 RJ Thesman – “Intermission for Reverend G” –

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  1. Hey there RJ.  I met and heard you at the MOMs group meeting last month in Overland Park Ks.   I didnt realize intil I left and read on the book you gave us that you were from Oklahoma and attended college at SWSU in Weatherford.  I was born and raised in that ‘neck of the woods’ in Canton Ok. was wondering where you lived.  I’ve been living here in KS for 9 years now, and lived in Wichita Ks for about 10 years back in the late 80’s/ mid 90’s.   was just curious….   Kathy Bullcoming [email protected]  

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