Hope Watches the Autumn Dance

A year ago, I happened to be on the deck as a tree unloaded its entire leaf burden. It was as if God said, “It’s 3:24 on November 2. Disengage.leaves-falling-autumn

Within seconds, every leaf had let loose from its moorings and the tree stood naked in the autumn wind.

Since then, I have made more of an effort to watch the leaves fall.

Some of them let loose to fall quickly and suddenly – as if they have given up on ever becoming anything more than a falling leaf. Done. Hit the ground. Boom.

Other leaves are more graceful in their descent, twisting and turning as they spiral downward, then find a spot of yet-green grass to slide to a landing.

But my favorites are the leaves that dance as if floating toward a purpose, the mulching of the ground, the photosynthesis of time.

These are the leaves that catch a final wisp of Kansas wind and turn upward for a moment, then pirouette in different directions, exposing their golden undersides to the rhythms of autumn.

These are the leaves that take my breath away as they meander across space and take their time letting gravity win.

The analogy of the autumn dance signals that even when nature introduces another winter – the rhythms of life will continue.

Day and night. Seasons of life. Winter will follow autumn but also promise spring.

I want to be most like the meandering leaves and take my time enjoying the process of aging, the transitions of life that come to all of us.

Somehow, I want to find the cadence of trust that allows my soul to float without worry, to sing in harmony with a greater purpose.

Maybe I can best mimic these graceful leaves by paying more attention to the way nature forms them – like veined boats that gather morning dew and shadow us during summer’s heat.

The reds and golds and oranges of the autumn dance remind me how God colors our world with various shades of skin to remind us all are beautiful – different yes – but glorious in our uniqueness.

And just as God programs each tree in its autumn leaving, he also engages within the seasons of my life.

He knows that exact moment when I will let go and dance toward a greater purpose – when the questions will be answered and the direction clear.

Gratefully, in his arms – I will segue from dance to eternity. But unlike the leaves, I will fall upward.

©2016 RJ Thesman, Author of the Reverend G Trilogy http://amzn.to/1rXlCyh


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  1. beautiful once again. Well done, Rebecca.

    I was looking at the bare trees here and thinking about how beautifully full they were not too long ago and now they have aged, their beauty gone/changed. How I feel the same in how quickly my ‘beauty’ has changed and autumn has taken over my life. Thank you for this other perspective and enjoying the autumn dance 🙂

    blessings bea


  2. Another great post Rebecca. Your description of the leaves as they fall is spot-on. It makes you feel like you’re right there, watching it happen. And as you point out, the parallels between the seasons of the year and the seasons of our lives are unmistakable. It’s my prayer that God will use this post to “connect-the-dots” in someone’s life in a way they’ve not seen before.

  3. Enjoy the process of aging? Hmm. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. But, “cadence of trust…float without worry…” all seem to be part of any age. We are blessed to be able to do that with God’s help.


    I, too, for many years have enjoyed the various movements of Autumn falling leaves. Just one of the many things our great Creator has given us for our enjoyment. Thanks for your post. Blessings,Elfrieda 

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