Finding Hope When You’re Stuck

So many people I know, including myself, are stuck – waiting for an answer to prayer – the answer that will help us move forward.

We have prayed, fasted, cried out to God and yet – nothing.waiting

What is the block? What is holding back the answers? Is it just a matter of timing or something much deeper and more important?

The requests of these folks are not for wealth or a better car. They ask for direction and wisdom, for a simple interview that might lead to a job, for a roof over their heads or a definitive place to worship.

But silence echoes in eerie response. Almost as if the back story of the 400 years of silence between the Old Testament and the coming of the Messiah is being replayed.

The dark night of the soul when God seems to be in hiding and we are left to wallow in our frailties.

But hope determines God has not disappeared. He may be silent yet is still at work – behind the scenes, moving puzzle pieces together, then declaring the perfect time for a reveal.

So what do we do when the answers don’t come, when we feel stuck in an eternal calendar where nothing seems to flip us to the next section?

  • Keep believing God WILL answer – in his time
  • Keep praying because God honors persevering prayer
  • Know God has a plan and he promises it will be a good one
  • Understand that every season – even seasons of waiting – will eventually end
  • Remember we cannot see every detail that relates to our prayer requests. We cannot know the eternal value or the sacred reasoning behind life’s waiting rooms.
  • Post this verse where we can see it every day: “There is a happy end for the man of peace” (Psalm 37:37 Amplified).

Hope continues to believe – especially when we cannot see how our faith works. We believe in what we cannot see, still knowing a facet of eternal value exists though none of the waiting makes sense.

In the meantime, hope continues – one whispered prayer at a time – believing in that happy end and in the One who will someday make it happen.

©2017 RJ Thesman – Author of “Sometimes They Forget” and the Reverend G Trilogy

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  1. Rebecca, Thank you again for such inspiring words! I went on your webpage and noticed that you had a list of blogs including beasattitudes which touched my heart! Thank you! However, when I clicked on the link I discovered it was an old webpage that was no longer in use. Would you mind changing it to ? Thank you so much. 🙂

    blessings on your new upcoming release. bea


  2. Judith Vander Wege

    Hi Rebecca. Thanks for the good article. This was fitting for me to read today because I’m stuck and it gave me hope.. I’m trying to send a newsletter through mailchimp and can’t figure out how to do it. I’m also confused about when I should send a newsletter rather than a blog. I have the article all written, but can’t find the place on mailchimp to copy and paste. Can I send a blogs from my website to the people on my email list without going through mailchimp?

    Sincerely, Judy

  3. It does make me think: where am i on that spectrum and am i praying with perseverance? I have been in that swirling, confusing waiting vortex. Praying blessings on you as you faithfully pray and wait on God’s timing. By the way, congratulations on completing your book!!!

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