Hope Makes a Change

Dear Sugar,

I am breaking up with you.

For years, I have tried moderation which sometimes worked. But with the aging factor, my body no longer tolerates any type of processed sugar.cake pops

This means, Sugar – no more ice cream, brownies or sweetened chocolate. I can tolerate the 85% cacao, but no milk chocolate and definitely no corn syrup.

I am already gluten free, soy free and working on dairy free. I might as well be free indeed. Free of you, Sugar.

My decision stems from the fact that I have been sick throughout November and December. The latest diagnosis is acute bronchitis with muscle sprain from excessive coughing. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Some of my sugar escapades this year evolved from grief comfort eating. For some reason, I – the person who never eats candy – craved M&M’s. When I found a bag of the dark chocolate variety, I was a goner.

But my body was not deceived. It accepted that sugar and formulated a pathway to screw up my immune system.

Besides a breakdown of immunities, processed sugar feeds cancer cells. Just in case my body is thinking about revisiting the big C – I do not want to make it an easy choice.

It is also a growing fact of research that sugar consumption can lead to the development of Alzheimer’s and dementia. No ice cream can ever be as good as a healthy brain. And I never want to expose my son to the world of Alzheimer’s care-giving.

Several years ago, Dr. Tim LaHaye taught a prophecy seminar in our town. Yes, that Tim LaHaye – author of the Left Behind series. Because I was church pianist, I was invited to attend the thank-you dinner.

I sat directly across from Tim. When the dessert was served – an amazing chocolate velvet cake – Tim declined. He said, “I cannot tolerate sugar, so I never let myself eat it.”

The hostess gasped, afraid she might have offended him. But he smiled and complimented her on the rest of the meal.

I was impressed with his humility – to be able to admit he had a weakness – and with his self-discipline. Never eat sugar? At that point in my limited knowledge of nutrition, I could not imagine such a scenario.

But now I understand and am more determined than ever to detoxify my body from any of the side effects of too much sugar. I have important work to do – incredible clients to coach and my own words to polish and publish. I cannot spend any more time in the doctor’s office or any more money on meds.

So I am making a 2018 commitment – not a resolution – but a lifestyle change. Hope for a healthier me begins with a determined effort to do my part and cooperate with my body for long-term health.

Sure, I will miss you, Sugar. But I will NOT miss the medicines and the hacking cough that keeps me awake at night.

Change begins with a defined goal and hope thrives with healthy choices.

Goodbye, Sugar. I am breaking up with you.

©2018 RJ Thesman – All Rights Reserved

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  1. Dear RJ,
    Thanks for your good words. There are times when moderation is fine, and there are other times when abstaining is better. It takes humility, as you say, and also wisdom to recognize our limitations and follow a path that is better for us, whatever that may include for our individual health and needs. I was reminded, while praying this morning, of the fruit of the Spirit. I think it’s no coincidence that the first thing on the list is love and the last thing is self-control. I have too often thought of self-control being only an extension of how I give others good things and withhold from others bad things like my anger. But today I see it in a new light. If I love everyone, starting with myself so that I can more effectively love others, then I must learn to work on controlling areas where I am weak or areas where I could be harming myself. That is another sign of the Spirit alive in me.

  2. So proud of you – – and you say it so well!! Pray for me – I need to do the same . So enjoy your posts – – Joy in California

  3. Good for you, Rebecca! I broke up with sugar a few years ago when I figured out it fueled my depression among other ailments and aches and pains. Now, I will allow myself a tsp of real sugar in my oatmeal in the morning, or hear or there, and the 85% dark chocolate in small amounts on rare occasions. However, since we as women are only supposed to have 6 tsp of sugar in our diet a day, which I believe is 24 grams?, including in the food we already eat, it is a good choice. I will pray for your strength! Ease off it slowly and don’t go towards the artificial stuff because it’s just as bad. Just say no! Lol! 🙂 Good post!

    1. Thanks, Susan. I have never done the artificial stuff – especially when I learned the hard way how it can damage the brain. I’m using moderation but committed to staying away from whatever God did not create.

  4. No! No! I don’t want to break up with sugar and chocolate. But, you are correct in the problems of of eating this soothing poison.

  5. I stopped all soft drinks and sweet tea, which I had glasses of every day, 15 years ago. Within 6 months I literally lost my desire for sugar, eating or drinking. Sorry to say to you, but bronchitis, which I had yearly and sometimes 2-3 times, did not stop. But, please look up Miracle Tea on Eating Asia blog. Since I found it and drink the teamdaily, I have not had bronchitis, if I make it to May, that will be 5 years!! I would not be w/o fresh tumeric and ginger ever. I thank God for leading me to that blog. Read their instructions and increase if you feel ANY suspicious signs. Otherwise once a days seems to keep me clear. I hope you read it and it helps. Brochitis wears your body out.

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