Hope in the Handwriting

It was time to choose a new journal — to begin a new treasure trove of writings and daily reflections.

I sorted through my stash and chose the one that spoke to me — sparkly with pink flower blossoms on both front and back covers. Then opened it to begin a new entry.

A gasp. A memory. Fresh tears.

Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed
photo attribution to Flickr

Written in her unique handwriting was the message my precious friend Deb shared when she gave me that journal. “Your faith can move mountains.”

Underneath the sentence, a mustard seed scotch-taped to the page.

I had forgotten that particular journal was a gift from Deb, a reminder of the verse in Matthew 17:20 where Jesus said, “If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

The irony of the verse lies in the size of a mustard seed — only slightly larger than a pin-head.

Yet if we have even that tiny amount of pure faith, total belief in the One who can answer insurmountable prayer requests, we can see metaphorical mountains begin to move.

Deb believed this truth and passed it on to me. She had no idea how short her life would be, how I would treasure her memory and the friendship we shared.

She would have laughed at how I caressed that mustard seed and kissed the writing that came from her hand. She would have been surprised when I cut that cover off and framed it as a constant reminder of who she was and who we were together.

Handwriting is a sacred gift — a special scribbling that identifies us and preserves the energy of its author. It leaves a legacy, a historical mark that we lived. We made an impression on this earth, simply because we existed.

Although Deb is gone, her handwriting proves how she lived and the influence she left on those of us who knew her and loved her. And this reminder of our shared faith has become an art form I now preserve.

I think we all need to write and send more cards, letters that tell about our days, messages that share hope. To slow down and share words that will bless the receiver and prove the significance of our words. Computer keys cannot store the treasure of a friendship like a handwritten note.

Thanks, Deb, for this incredible gift. And for reminding me once again, to find hope in faith.

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  1. Pauline and Ronald Pollard

    Rebecca, As I read your email today the tag cursive handwriting stood out to me. Unless things change we will have a generation of young people who cannot write in cursive, in fact, I have met some who cannot read cursive writing no matter how beautiful it is. States are no longer requiring schools to teach cursive writing. To these young people they are going to have a difficult time getting a driver’s license or registering to vote because they cannot write their name. Only can print. As a teacher for 25+ years from elementary to college level I cannot conceive what our future holds in America. Sincerely Ronald W. Pollard I Corinthians 1:18

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    1. Thank you for the comment. I would imagine that in the future, we will have no handwriting of any kind. Every one will have a tattoo or an implanted chip. That’s why our handwriting is so special.

  2. Rebecca: Thanks for your always thoughtful and touching posts. I think you know that I’m right there with you on the importance of cursive handwriting. And while I hope you’re prediction in your reply to Mr. Pollard is wrong, I strongly suspect it’s not. Thanks again.

  3. I agree. We should write more to each other. There’s a human connection through the handwritten that is certainly missing in the digital era. Truman’s wrote letters to each other. They found some 1800 of Bess’ letters to Harry. Twice that from Harry. Cherie

  4. Good example of the Truman’s and how they communicated. We have several archives of handwritten materials from presidents. The rest of us need to take note. Thanks for the comment !

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