Hope in a Jar

The caller ID showed a familiar number, so I answered it. “Can you come to the church office? We have something for you.”

Something for me? Did I forget my Bible at church? No. My journal? Nay, nay.

As I entered the office, the administrative assistant handed me a box. “It’s really heavy. Can you carry it to your car? The people who gave it to you wanted to remain anonymous.”

I managed to carry it down the stairs and out to the parking lot, then peeked inside. A jar full of change. Some kind person’s planned generosity. They must have saved all year to fill this one jar for me. What an amazing gift!

As a single mom at Christmas time, I had wondered how to give my precious son a special holiday. For Thanksgiving, a family from church invited us to share their meal, but now we were on the other side of turkey day.

But once again, someone showed up to help us. It felt like an early Christmas, and I could not even thank whoever gave us this amazing jar.

When I cashed it in at the bank, the total of all those quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies equaled $258.00. Plenty of money for our Christmas meal, goodies for my son’s stocking, and plenty of brightly wrapped gifts.

On December 24th, I looked around the living room and thanked God for the change jar. “Please bless those people, God, and help them know how grateful we are.”

Neither my son nor I have ever forgotten that holiday season and the hope given us through a jar of change. I share this post early in the season, hoping that some of my followers will think about single moms and their children this year.

Do you have a jar of change you’ve been saving? Could you give it away? Do you have extra room around your table? Do you have space in your heart to offer hope?

It doesn’t take much to help another soul, but sometimes it DOES require that we rethink what generosity looks like. The cost includes a new mindset, an opening of our hearts, an inclusive attitude laced with compassion.

How many of my followers will give a jar of change? How many single moms and their children will look around their house this year with gratitude?

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If you know a single mom, consider giving her Just for Today: Hope for Single Moms. It might share hope each day of the coming year.

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  1. Sorry I can’t comment from my phone. I love the story! We have received a few anonymous gifts my brother and I am mean once we each received a blanket and I received a magnifying glass in my mailbox one year for Christmas. This year I am giving my friend sister I said a different sized magnifying glasses a porcelain doll from the thrift shop and an angel paper clip a paper clip with an angel on it to encourage her. And I love that kind of thing. My brother was supposed to come home a couple days ago. But receiving oxygen changes things apparently. He cannot maintain it himself yet it’s too heavy. They’re still doing testing. That was a big disappointment thinking he was going to come home and finding out there will be a delay of a few weeks. I’m not sure of the skill level of the caregivers now and I found out they can’t drive. I am praying about a compromise. Maybe Mike can live in the nursing home during the week and come home on the weekends. Maybe we can go with a different organization and they can provide 24 hour care during that weekend since we have the hours if they can agree to an alternative arrangement. Keep us in prayer. My computer is at the computer shop I am eager to start writing again. I’ll probably have to buy a new computer because the guy was fixing it says all it does is beep. Life goes on. Sigh. Amy❤️

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  2. amybovairdauthor

    PS I am aware it is IN PERSON ONLY. But I believe I will be able to get time off work to fly there attend the conference and come back. Thanks. Amy

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