Hope Comes Full Circle

Recently, I attended an event where I sat at a table with several older women. Lovely women—all of them. Accomplished and happy within their retirement status.

But as they began the recital of their health challenges, I realized I was the only one at the table with my original hips and knees. Thank you, God !

At the same time in history, our family is watching my great niece grow. She discovered her toes, lost her first tooth, and is now learning to balance for her first steps.

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As children, we focus on our physical bodies. Discover who we are and what we can do. What our laugh sounds like and how our tongues curl to say first words. Every experience is an adventure, a beginning in finding our authentic selves.

During our last act, we again focus on our bodies. We realize how much of our physical space is now limited. We have fewer choices, depending on which health issues we face.

As children, we do not worry about scheduling doctor visits or paying for them. As seniors, our schedules are owned by one clinic after another. And finances depend on insurance payments or the network.

But again, we focus on our physical bodies—the challenges and the discovery of the next thing. No longer an adventure, but more of a ‘What now?’ attitude.

If only we could have the mindset of children. To realize that even within the aging demographic, our bodies have been wondrously created and have served us well. These shells assigned to us have enabled us to do life, sometimes more easily than other times. But still adequately performing the task at hand.

Sure, it would be nice to feel once again the energy and joy of youth. To run with abandon and not tire. To sleep through the night with dreams of tomorrow’s adventures. To wake without stiff joints and gleefully bound out of bed to face a new day.

Someday—in our spiritual bodies—we will transport without boundaries. Move without pain. Doctors will not be necessary, and energy will be boundless.

In the meantime, maybe we can focus more clearly on the hope set before us and less on the creaks and groans. Maybe we can be more intentional to live our lives with hope-filled attitudes and be more like the children we once were.

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2 thoughts on “Hope Comes Full Circle”

  1. More intentional living life with hope-filled attitudes. Such a worthy aspiration! Am feeling much empathy in several phrases here. Thanks, Rebecca.

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