When Writers Tweak

Every now and then, writers need to tweak what they are working on or revise one of their tools. Tweaking a manuscript makes it better, more readable, and sometimes — more publishable.

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Tweaking also gives our creativity a boost, especially if we seem to be in one of those slumps that creatives sometimes experience.

Like moving furniture around and vacuuming the old location, tweaking is like a deep breath. A change that feels positive. A burst of hope.

A tweak may involve getting a new set of pens or a new journal. It may involve constructing a new outline for a nonfiction book or another piece of the structure for a novel. Tweaking may also involve more marketing posts or summoning the courage to contact a publisher.

As a writing coach, I help my clients tweak their manuscripts and revise their words. Encourage them when the tweak feels a bit scary. Jog with them toward the finish line and the birthing of their books.

Sometimes, I also need to tweak my own words. To stretch my writing in a new direction. To read a novel that gives me ideas for new plot structures.

Or to change some of my tools.

My latest tweak happened last weekend as my new website went live. With the help of an amazing website designer and a writer himself, Chris L. Meyers listened to my concerns with the old site and how I wanted to sort of rebrand my blog. We met a few times, then Chris did his creative magic.

I wanted a cleaner look. Easy to read yet still expressing who I am — as a writer and a person. I wanted my two favorite colors up front: purple and turquoise. And I was tired of seeing my face on the Home page.

My writing group helped me tighten up some of the explanations on my Services pages. And Chris fixed some of the margins and bullets that looked a bit wonky.

The original blog was designed as a WordPress theme, and I did the work. But so many things have changed, and plugins have become a challenge. I did not have the time or energy to watch multiple tutorials and do this work myself.

Seeing the new site and posting there gives me a boost. A bit of creative energy to write my words and hope to make an impact in my readers’ lives. And to encourage other bloggers who feel the need to tweak.

Do it. Make it happen.

If you’re reading this blog post in your email, you’re seeing my new image. Check out the entire site and let me know what you think.

And if you need your site tweaked, check out Chris L. Meyers.

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October was an important month, with the updated website and my newest book. Reverend G Meets the Memory Thief.

4 thoughts on “When Writers Tweak”

  1. Your insights and ‘recentering’ reminders are valued qualities every writer or aspiring writer greatly needs. Thanks.
    Congrats on the website upgrade. Nice look!

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