Letting Go

Twenty plus years ago, I bought the sugar and creamer set at a thrift shop. Attractive because of its Southwest colors and design, the set also held a special purpose.

Scrabble tiles spelling 'Let It Go'

It was our first Christmas after a family crisis, and I scrimped to buy my son some Christmas gifts. Yet I knew his tender heart would be hurt at the lack of gifts under the tree with my name on the tags. He would feel somehow ‘less than’ because he had no money to buy me a gift.

So I bought the sugar and creamer set for myself and wrapped them separately. Two gifts under the tree for Mom. ‘From Santa,’ the tag read.

Christmas morning that year was sparse, yet joyful as we opened our gifts and sipped peppermint cocoa. I believed future Christmases would be better and that hope proved to be true. Still, I kept the sugar and creamer set through the years as a reminder of the need for hope.

Now, I am decluttering and downsizing, preparing for what I hope is my last move before heaven. I have looked at the sugar and creamer set often, felt its texture, reveled in its structure and color design.

But its purpose no longer exists. In fact, I rarely use it. No need for a creamer or a sugar bowl. Neither of those fit into my hot tea routine as I no longer drink coffee. Try to stay away from sugars.

It is time to release that token of my past and embrace new hope. Time to move forward with scarcely a glance back. If for some reason, I need a sugar and creamer set in the future — other thrift stores still exist. But my tastes have somewhat changed. My color palette is moving toward creamy warm neutrals.

If I keep the set, my son and his bride will someday have to get rid of it in a final garage sale. So why not place it in my giveaway pile and bless another mom who may need to buy her own gift?

Memories fill our souls with reminders of past blessings, but hope always draws us forward

Here’s to new blessings. New opportunities. And new hope.

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Image by Brett Jordan / Pexels

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5 thoughts on “Letting Go”

  1. Last Friday an old friend and colleague told me it was time to resign from the board of an organization we started over 30 years ago. Not easy to let it go. But we are more today because of the wonderful interactions and friendships we have formed over the decades. Because of knowing our lives and contributions made a difference. You have made a difference with so many people in so many ways. Your son and his bride included.

  2. That’s beautiful and very encouraging.
    I’ve been trying to sort through those old treasures and trying to decide what it’s time to part with. I have to admit, I’m not very good at the process.
    The memories do tug, but hope surely does pull us forward.
    Hoping in Christ,

  3. Such a great reminder. I need to get rid of so many things. They were a blessing at one time, but I need to let go. Thanks!

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