What Jesus Would NOT Do

To keep an open mind and fully underscore our value systems, I believe it is important to listen to both sides of an argument. Learn the merits of civil debate.

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As a writer, I research and analyze characters, settings, and the ever-changing plotlines of life. The power of the story.

The current story we humans have been living through intrigues, appalls, and forces us to ask the question: Haven’t we already erected enough walls?

We have tried to divide and conquer through ugly Facebook posts, malicious Tweets, and the constant arguments on every news channel — no matter what the political standard. Guests and hosts who do not know how to truly listen to the other person.

Surely Jesus would NOT waste his time watching any of the channels.

Instead of spending his precious waning hours typing hate on a Facebook page, Jesus would be mowing the lawn for an elderly woman.

Instead of using his energy to emasculate his fellow man, Jesus would fix a meal for a single mom and her kids. Then tuck an extra fifty-dollar bill inside the napkin.

Instead of listening as commentators yell at each other on the idiot box, Jesus would be on his knees begging God’s mercy for our fractured world.

Instead of screaming in uppercase with red text, Jesus would use his hands to touch the weeping face of a homeless man. Fix a broken fence on the other side of the tracks. Make sure his neighbors knew they were welcome in his home when their electricity was shut off.

Jesus would NOT use his pulpit to bully the other side with religious rhetoric. He would NOT use the holy scriptures as a weapon against anyone who did not conform to the traditional standards of religion. He was constantly reminding us that he who is without sin should throw the first stone.

And of course, Jesus knows all about our favorite sins.

We erect walls because they keep us away from someone different from ourselves. We feel more comfortable with our own tribe.

Yet these emotional and socio-economic walls actually reveal our greatest fear: that I am like you and you are like me — a human being in need of love, compassion, and grace.

The abused woman and the happily married woman are the same inside. They want their heart cries to be heard. They want to be honored, cherished, and respected for who they are.

The homosexual and the heterosexual are the same inside. Each wants to be accepted and loved. They seek love in different ways, but their goal is the same. Love me for who I really am. Care about me.

The Muslim and the Christian are the same inside. Each bows the knee and hopes the mystery of God will hear their prayer requests. Their belief systems are different — yes — but at the core, each seeker hopes God will somehow show up and save them.

But it is easier for us to type vitriol than it is to connect with someone we fear.

Can we not realize how much alike we are? A blob of needy and messy humanity whose lives constantly unravel. Homo sapiens who want to be understood and need to know our lives have meaning.

Somehow, it is more satisfying to scream than it is to hug. It is more appealing to argue than to compromise.

Can we not use our energy to do good rather than trying to defeat each other? Can we join together and dig deeper to consider what our calling really involves?

To get our hands dirty helping others. To let our hearts be bloodied with the capacity to meet needs. To search for the humanity and the divinity in each other and respond with grace. To not revel in the fight but rather join together in the process of rescue.

Scripture and history teach us it is not one side or the other, but rather both/and.

Which side of the wall does Jesus stand on, knocking and hoping some lonely soul will answer? We cannot find our hope when we refuse to scale the walls.

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4 thoughts on “What Jesus Would NOT Do”

  1. Your writing style is always beautiful, RJ. Your passion comes through loud and clear. I understand your analogy about walls between us as people. I appreciate the care Jesus lavishes on us and how he encourages us to imitate him. I don’t know if He would do exactly the things you suggest. Perhaps. I can only work on what He requires of me. Each of us will have to give an answer before Him for the choices we make.

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