Julia Cameron

Creativity Spawns Hope

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity. Partly because I’ve started a new group called Creative Connections. Partly because I learned more about creativity through the books and presentation of Julia Cameron. And partly because I like the topic. After pondering about creativity, I’ve come up with two definitions: Writers understand the whole making-something-out-of-nothing …

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Hope Digs Deeper

While meeting with my spiritual director, she suggested I consider the questions, “What if?” In one of the workshops I teach, the “What if?” question is presented as a fear tactic artists sometimes use to procrastinate. But in this instance, I was to think about the “What if?” as a possible direction, even a vision-making …

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Hope Creates

When I first read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, an a-ha flashed. Through its pages I learned creativity is a gift, a blessing from the Creator to each of his beloved children. The more I recognized my own gift of creativity, the more I began to nurture it. Artist dates, inspired by Julia, became …

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