5 Ways to Approach Mother’s Day – Part 3

The Woman Who has Birthed a Healthy Child

This is the woman we usually think of on Mother’s Day – the woman who the holiday was designed for. Twenty-six years ago, I finally had the privilege of joining that cadre of women. On November 10, 1985, a health baby boy joined our family. For some reason, my womb suddenly healed and God gave me a child – a man child named Caleb.

“Give me this mountain,” the biblical Caleb cried. My son was named for the strong man who stood up against his culture and said, “We can take the land. God is with us.” A talented boy with musical gifts, he brought joy to our home and laughter to my soul. Shortly after his 21st birthday, we almost lost him, due to a brain tumor. But God had mercy and healed my Caleb. He bears the scars of surgery, chemo and radiation but today, he is strong at heart, working hard and growing into a fine man.

Whether through natural birth or adoption, motherhood is a treasure. I still own every card and every withered flower my son ever gave me. His pictures are posted all over the house and when the tornado sirens roar, the first thing I grab is my Mommy Picture Book. Throughout the challenges of life, the sleepless nights and the scary moments in emergency rooms, I have been honored to call Caleb my son. Nothing fulfills me as much as being a mother. Of all the titles and job positions I’ve held, my favorite title is still, “Mom.”

So how do we best honor our mothers?

  • The greeting card companies make it easy. Some of the cards Caleb has given me are framed, hanging on walls and sitting in prominent places on bookshelves.
  • Yes, flowers are always welcome or a plant that keeps growing outside and reminds us with each bloom how much we treasure our children.
  • Jewelry. I wear a bracelet Caleb gave me with silver letters that spell out, “MOM.” Upside down, it says, “WOW.”
  • The usual ideas still work: Chocolate. A Starbucks card. A gift certificate to Kohl’s or Gordman’s. Breakfast in bed. Breakfast out of bed.

A new commercial on television says it well, and I cry every time it rolls across the screen:

Tell me you’re proud of who we are

Tell me I taught you something

Tell me I did it right, even if I did it alone

Just tell me.

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