Passing Time

Have you noticed we’re almost halfway through 2024?

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Time indeed passes quickly, especially as we age. But really — don’t the months seem to flip through the calendar faster than before?

I’ve pondered the passage of time and the possibility of something unique happening. A verse in Matthew 24:22 reminds us how difficult the last days will be.

“Unless those days are shortened, all mankind will perish. But they will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen people” (TLB).

Biblical scholars usually preach that these verses are God’s way of protecting his people during the tribulation. God’s way of shortening the time of suffering.

But I wonder if this unique method of protection is already occurring. Maybe we’re seeing the increased crescendo of time on earth that eventually shortens all our days.

Sally Jadlow, author of the Late Sooner series, calls it, “God tweaking time.”

Is Time-Tweaking a Possibility?

Certainly, the Creator God can determine how time will pass and what that will mean to our particular timelines. This incredible God carefully plans each day of our lives. Can he not also decide how long each day will be?

This beyond-the-scope-of-science God hung Jupiter in its particular orbit. He designed rings around Saturn. He knew all about the rotations and revolutions of the earth, the sun, and the moon before any of us bought special glasses to watch the eclipse.

This loving God touches a baby’s cheek in the womb and imprints a dimple. This artistic God paints the tail of a blue jay with onyx black, azure blue, and pale gray contrasts. Then changes his divine palette to include the crimson and taupe of cardinals.

Surely this amazing God can tweak the revolutions of the earth so that time speeds up, while still protecting us from flying off into the universe or losing the gift of gravity.

But why would God project a new way to Manage Time?

For the sake of his children. To protect the creation that he loves. To help us endure when we do not think we can stand one more day in this evil, chaotic world.

To offer us hope.

Admittedly, I am homesick for heaven. I miss my parents, my babies, my friends, and other saints who finished their timelines and flew home.

Often, I am discouraged by the sadness of so many lives and the suffering of countless people. The nightly news can pierce my heart. I keep a Kleenex box beside the television.

But I try to understand and wait with grace, because I know God has a plan. He waits for those who currently ignore him to change their minds. He wants them to share in his heaven. He is eternally patient.

Occasionally, I sense the whisper of angel’s wings or the hum of a worship song and wonder — how close are we?

Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe in the blink of an eye. Maybe this very moment. Or maybe still a long way off.

Maybe God is tweaking time here in 2024, because he is anxious to hold us in his arms and say, “Oh my sweet child, welcome home!”

I’m ready.

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3 thoughts on “Passing Time”

  1. Janet Hansom

    I wish I welcomed the idea of heaven. I use to, but now, the older I get I hate the idea of death, frankly. I keep repeating. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. Please pray for me.

    1. Janet – I understand. Even though we know our final address, death is not easy. Not easy to watch. Not easy to experience. But as we trusted God in life, so we can trust him in death.

      And now, sweet Jesus, be with Janet. Ease her fears and give her your special comfort for whatever the future holds. We are trusting in You. Amen.

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