Surprised by God

Anyone who knows me well understands why it is important for me to face the western sky at the end of the day.

I thrive on the colors and textures of sunsets.sunset in Olathe

One of the first things I want to do when I get to heaven is watch how God paints a different sunset every night. I imagine it looks even more amazing on the other side.

So each evening, I park myself in my rocker, the cat jumps on my lap and we prepare to worship God and his latest design. The other night, the cat and I took our positions, but all we saw was a tiny faint glow. On a scale of 10 for sunsets, it looked to be about 1.75. We watched the news for a while and did a few exercises, then looked at the sunset again.

What an amazing sight! God changed that tiny yellow to a fiery glow that spread its fingers into a mélange of golden shades. The colors peeked at us through our redbud tree and reminded us again – the cat and me – that the Divine Artist can redo any landscape.

So it is in our lives. Sometimes a tiny morsel of goodness appears. Someone sends a card with encouraging words. A publisher sends a contract. A friend, a real friend, “likes” us on Facebook.

That tiny nugget spreads hope, but then God comes along and explodes it into something better. He adds his touch and suddenly we feel connected to the Divine.

God is able to turn even the smallest events into a delightful surprise of joy.

All we have to do it keep watching and worship the One who makes it happen.

©2013 RJ Thesman

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