Wisdom Writings

As an author, I always hope my words will impact my readers. But sometimes this goal reverses. Sometimes I find myself changed by another writer’s work. For me, that writer is Anne Lamott. Several years ago, I was thrilled to attend a presentation by Anne Lamott. She was, as I expected, witty as well as …

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Silent Saturday

When we observe Holy Week, we often focus on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday. But a spiritually important topic emerges on what I call ‘Silent Saturday.’ Imagine those early Jesus followers in the first century. Their champion had been brutally murdered by the Roman empire at the instigation of the Jewish religious leaders. …

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The Value of Women

Maybe it’s because I worked six years for a faith-based women’s center. Or maybe it’s because I have known so many incredible women with amazing giftings. Maybe it’s because we are in the middle of International Women’s Month. For whatever reason, the topic of valuing women is front and center. Growing up in a legalistic …

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