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Hope in Finding the Story

As I drove up to the multi-storied house, the “Estate Sale” sign reminded me of my mission. Look for something I could use at work – some objects that would bring encouragement to the women I coach: maybe a pot of flowers, some beautiful cards, a trinket I could give away. What I didn’t expect … Continue reading

Hope Creates Lifetime Goals

When an author reaches one of those milestone birthdays, how can she accomplish some lifetime goals? Continue reading

Hope Respects the Alzheimer’s Patient

The blog post for this week was already written, edited and almost scheduled. Then I had second thoughts. It was a post about my mother and shared one of the family secrets she told me years ago. I felt it was a great post, and I hoped it would interest my followers as well as … Continue reading

Finding Hope When Healing Delays

When healing doesn’t happen, we tend to ask, “Why?” Does God have a greater purpose in the process? Have we prayed correctly, cried out to God fervently enough? Have we sinned, somehow preventing God’s awesome power at work? Everything within me screams, “No! God is so much bigger than my attempts to justify his silence.” … Continue reading

Hope Recovers from Fear

My son is sick, and I am afraid. Because he is a cancer survivor (eight years, bless God!), when something happens that interrupts that heart relief of his healing – my soul fears. Last week, he was disoriented. He couldn’t drive, couldn’t write his name, had trouble putting words together to make a sentence. The … Continue reading

Hope Thrives Through the Aunties’ Prayers

As I closed my prayer journal, I thought once again about my nieces and nephews. These dear ones were the focus of my Sabbath prayers – the next generation that will love justice, show mercy and live as Kingdom-bearers in our world. Years ago, I determined to pray them through school decisions, career changes and … Continue reading

Hope Thrives at 88

The kindness of a weekend in Denver brings hope that Alzheimer’s does not have to steal from every family. Continue reading

The Unraveling of Reverend G

Intermission for Reverend G

Final Grace for Reverend G

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