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God Winks

For several years, I have wanted an umbrella over my deck table. My plan was to sit on my deck to write or pray and not worry about the Kansas sun beating down on me. But every year – no matter how determined I was to save the money, I could not find enough extra … Continue reading

Trappings of Junk

A plastic bag is stuck in my elm tree. It’s too high for me to reach it, and I’m way past the days when I shinnied up the bark of my favorite tree and journaled while talking to the birds. I’m not climbing up there to pull it down. I don’t know how to get … Continue reading

When Life Unravels

Since life is so unpredictable, it often unravels. All my carefully constructed plans can fall apart within minutes after the doctor presents his diagnosis, I open an email intended for someone else, or the consultant decides my job is expendable. What do we do when life unravels? How do we react so that the very … Continue reading

Cheering for the Young

Last weekend, I attended graduation receptions for two young women. I have followed these girls through the lives and prayers of their mothers – two of my friends. And when I see these girls on Facebook or at my church, I smile – even though I know they probably don’t realize who I am or … Continue reading

Dreaming of Bicycle Days

For some reason, I am keeping my old bicycle. Both tires are flat, but the leather seat is still intact and all of the gears still work. Several spokes are broken and hang at cock-eyed angles like broken arms on a football player. Why am I keeping this bicycle? At one point, I thought of … Continue reading

Cemetery Wanderings

In one of the scenes in the 3rd Reverend G book, she wanders around a cemetery. Recently, I found myself doing the same thing. Isn’t it odd how often life imitates art? Since I was in my hometown for a book signing, I stopped at the cemetery to “visit” with Dad and all the other … Continue reading

What is the Value of a Cast-Iron Pot?

It may seem a bit premature, but we have started dividing up Mom’s things. She no longer needs a cabinet full of Tupperware containers, because she no longer lives in her house or cooks and puts away leftovers. In one kitchen cabinet, the cast-iron pot sits like a lonely sentinel of Sunday dinners past. Every … Continue reading

The Unraveling of Reverend G

Intermission for Reverend G


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