Why Write About Dementia

With my novel, “The Unraveling of Reverend G” soon to be released, someone recently asked me, “Why write about that subject? What caused you to choose that kind of story?”

It’s a fair question. Five million Americans struggle with the symptoms of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. And with the progressive live-longer-and-fight-stronger attitude of the Baby Boomers, it is likely that many BB’s will join that statistic.

Several nonfiction books deal with the subject of dementia, but why a novel and why write it in the first person, from the brain view and heart pulse of the main character?

Because it’s unique. My marketing research found one or two novels about Alzheimer’s written from the third person – as outside observers of the destruction of a life.

But “The Unraveling of Reverend G” is different. It takes us personally into the soul of this woman who struggles with the fear of losing memories and possibly losing contact with the God she loves more than anyone else.

It reminds us that inside each person who sometimes forgets, there is still a soul and some type of thought process. Connections may be flawed, but communication is still possible.

This book needed to be written to remind caregivers to search for hope and believe that their incredibly difficult work has eternal significance.

Reverend G asked to have a voice so that all of us can look differently at Alzheimer’s victims and appreciate the people they once were – they souls they still are.

Finally, this book is a legacy to all those people who so patiently care for those who forget. It is a mirror that reflects my own family – my dad who died within the shadows of dementia, my mother who daily fades away .

But ultimately, I wrote this book because one day I woke up with a story in my head and characters who begged to escape.

And I wrote this book for you – to enjoy, to learn from and to pass on so that the next generation never forgets.

10 thoughts on “Why Write About Dementia

  1. As an avid reader, and one of those nonfiction writers on the subject of dementia, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the release of your book. You have touched on a subject near and dear to my heart, and done it using an approach that sounds as if it will give a voice to many people who are crying out to be heard. Best of luck with this project!

  2. Reblogged this on Exploring Dementia and commented:
    Here’s a truly original and (in my opinion) a very worth-while effort to get the word out about what persons with dementia go through. An author has written a first-person fictional account of what happens in the life of someone after she’s been diagnosed as having dementia. As an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the release of this book.

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