Stage 7 of Alzheimer’s – The Race is Won

As told by Reverend G …

How long will it take before I die?

Day after day and night after long night when I often don’t sleep – I watch for the light.

John 14-3It creeps under the doorway when everything is quiet in the hallways. Then it flirts with the window in the corner of my room as it changes from the mere beginnings of another day into the full-blown afternoon and then again – the silence of evening.

People come into my room and do things to me. They change my sheets and my clothes. They make me feel clean again. They help me go to the bathroom. I wish they didn’t have to do that, but I am so completely helpless.

Once I was a vital pastor who cared for her people and taught about God’s love. I am now a baby – an infant in an adult body.

How long will it take before I die? I am so ready to die, dear God. Will you please let me die?

I remember a beautiful piece of the Bible, and every day I think about these words, “Many homes are up there where my Father lives. Jesus is preparing them for my coming. When everything is ready, he will come and get me so that I can always be with him in heaven” (John 14:3).

I wonder what my home in heaven will look like. I am glad that it will be nothing like this room and this sterile bed where I wait to die.

It will be beautiful, because God is beautiful and he knows how to create the very best for me. No Alzheimer’s exists in heaven. No dementia. No illness of any kind. No more death.

Only great love and the light of God’s goodness, shining through everything – his holiness everywhere.

How long will it be before I get to see that light? I am so ready to be with Jesus.

©2015 RJ Thesman – Author of the Reverend G Books –

0 thoughts on “Stage 7 of Alzheimer’s – The Race is Won”

  1. It is amazing how, on entering the first person narrative of Rev G, I am ‘there. I’m this person. The poignancy and warmth draws one into the grievous nature of the condition yet the glorious nature of the kingdom of the heavens, present (in the musings) and, marvelously, to come. Thank you, Rebecca, for these priceless glimpses. Grace your way.

    1. Thank you, Jerry. I’m so glad the first person deep viewpoint helped you really enter the story. I am constantly learning how to write better and your encouragement helps tremendously!

  2. The deep waters my husband and I are currently going through pale when I hear the gracous words of your post. Thank you, so much for sharing. You are constantly in my prayers. Continue to draw near to the Lord as He draws near to you.

    Much love and a big hug!

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